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PTE Young Learners

Pearson Test of English Young Learners (PTE Young Learners) tests children on their ability to use structures and functions in realistic contexts and, later on in the series, on their ability to use language to carry out specific communicative tasks. 
The topics within PTE Young Learners are international, age-appropriate and interesting to children. For example, families, pets and school are all included.

As the tests are scenario-based, topics and language are repeated. This reinforcement of content and language gives test takers the confidence they need to perform well.

Although the test is presented using British English, American English is also acceptable.


 PTE Youn Learners Test Dates 2016**


November 2016

May 2017

June 2017

Levels offered

PTE Young Learners - all levels

PTE Young Learners - all levels

PTE Young Learners - all levels

BEB Entry deadline

10 October

To be announced

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Exam date 12 November To be announced

To be announced

Further information available at:

- Four levels of assessment: Firstwords, Springboard, Quickmarch, Breakthrough
- Uses authentic situations from everyday life that children understand
- Child-friendly format: includes board-games, free expression and more
- Practical: measures real English by focusing less on grammar and more on communication
- Delivered by EdExcel and marked independently, showing that your school is teaching effectively